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CHAI HU SHU GAN WAN - 200 pills/Bottle

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CHAI HU SHU GAN WAN (200 pills/Bottle)

唐龍 蘭州太寳製藥有限公司 Lanzhou Taibao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Exp: 01/31/2025
规格:     200粒/瓶
功效:     疏肝理气,解郁消胀。
成分:     柴胡、白芍(酒制)、香附(醋制)、枳壳(炒)、川芎、甘草、陈皮tan
用法用量:     每次6粒、每日3次。或遵医嘱。
Size:     200pills/bottle
Effect:     A classic Chinese herb formulated to help maintain health in liver system.
Component:     Chinese thorowax root(chai hu)
White Peony root
Nutgrass Galingate rhizome
Immature Bitter Orange fruit
Chuanxiong ligesticum rhizome
Licorice root
Dried tangerine peel
Direction to use:     Take 6 pills each time, 3 times daily. Or consult your herbalist. Do not use if pregnant. Keep out of reach of children.


Chai Hu is bupleurum (aka Chinese thorowax root) which has been used to regulate the action of digestive organs and ease discomforts in liver, ribs, abdomen, and chest. Bupleurum has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to help relieve numerous conditions, most particularly, infections with fever, liver problems, indigestion hemorrhoids, and uterine prolapse. (Kaiserpermanente.org)

The patent remedy ShuGan wan has been recommended for liver discomforts, to regulate liver and spleen/stomach interaction, and for emotional balance, including treatment of frustration, pent-up emotions, and liver pain described as “stuck liver Qi.” Stuck circulation and emotions may eventually increase problems such as palpitations or breast fibroids.

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